• Each private lesson is 90 minutes

1 private lesson


We cover the basics of musicality and dancing to the beat. You will learn how to lead and follow, do basic turns and a dip.

3 private lessons: 3-pack

$300 (you save $45)

Many couples want to learn turns that they can put in a sequence and repeat throughout their first dance. We cover turns, dips, a basic lift, and give you a series of moves you can do for your first dance. This can be simple with just a few moves you can repeat, or more involved with 5-8 moves or so.

7 private lessons: 7-pack

$690 (you save $115)

This package is for the couple that wants a full choreographed dance and is ready to put in some time and effort! Maybe you want to learn a specific style of dance like salsa, or the waltz. Or maybe you want a mashup with some hip hop and a more traditional classic dance..then this is the package for you.

Mix and Match

Want to do lessons for your first dance and also with your mom or dad? You can use your dance package in any way you’d like.

Wedding Party Lessons

Start at $115 for bride, groom, and 5 guests. Each additional person is $5.